The Trouble with Oscillation
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I am a tourist. I used to go on typical wilderness vacations: kayaking, hiking, mountain climbing. One problem with this type of vacation however, is that there's not really that much wilderness involved. In the old days people used to have a better sense of wilderness, but now we are integrated into almost every aspect of animal life. In the suburbs, for instance, you'll find cougars crawling around in people's back yards, eating their dogs and small children, living in the tree houses, etcetera. Even when you go past where humans habitate, you still find the evidence of our activities. The flesh of killer whales in BC is contaminated with PCBs.

I was thinking along these lines when I saw the flyer for BrainTime™ Vacations on the subway train. BrainTime™ offers a "true wilderness experience," and I thought this would be worth checking out. Now what happens with BrainTime™ Vacation is different from real time vacations. If you've ever read the short story, "We Can Remember it for you Wholesale," or seen the movie Total Recall, you'll know what I am talking about. It's an artificially induced neurological experience. All the data comes through into the brain in a kind of contiguous glob. The experience is like a dream, a sort of compounded instant, but our physiology can only comprehend in a linear way, so our processing of that experience is replayed as a sequence, spread out over time.

What I am presenting here on the website is a kind of replay of the vacation. What you'll see here are fragments, datagrabs, small loops, tangents, and coincidences. I've done my best to corral this material into some sort of narrative, and of course there are some diagrams to help with navigation. I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. BrainTime™
  2. SNO Lab
  3. Neutrinos
  4. Force
  5. Beta Decay & CP Violation
  6. Cosmology
  7. Nuclear Bombs
  8. Abstract Art
  9. Brains
  10. Monads
  11. Emergent Patterns
  12. Making Shapes
  13. Epilogue
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