The Trouble with Oscillation
Drawings from
The Art Gallery
of Sudbury

How would you draw a neutrino?
These incredible neutrino drawings were created at the Art Gallery of Sudbury by Elisa, Anne, Maria, Christine, Aline, Arno, Maria, Marcus, Angelique, Isabel, Theresa, Ilona, and Marcel. Thank you!

This batch of beautiful neutrinos was drawn at the Art Gallery of Sudbury by grade 7 and 8 students from St. Raphael's Catholic School. Thanks for sending them in!

If you have a neutrino drawing to share please email it to me here: Images must be in jpeg format and files must be no bigger than 250 KB.
  1. BrainTime™
  2. SNO Lab
  3. Neutrinos
  4. Force
  5. Beta Decay & CP Violation
  6. Cosmology
  7. Nuclear Bombs
  8. Abstract Art
  9. Brains
  10. Monads
  11. Emergent Patterns
  12. Making Shapes
  13. Epilogue
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