The Trouble with Oscillation
Special thanks to physicists Peter Doe, Doug Hallman, Richard Helmer, and Zeina Kahn for their generosity with both time and information.

This project is the result of inspiring conversations and collaborations with friends and fellow artists Rebecca Diederichs and Gordon Hicks, and our co-conspirator, curator Corinna Ghaznavi.

Thanks to Von Bark for feeding me information, for playing music, for all manner of technical support, and for telling me about monads.

I am indebted to the following artists and scientists for their feedback and advice:
Jan Allen
James Robert Brown
Sheila Butler
Scott Carruthers
Rob Cruickshank
Mark Diederichs
Rebecca Diederichs
Corinna Ghaznavi
Gordon Hicks
Johanna Householder
Jimb (from DMT)
Michelle Kasprzak
Germaine Koh
Art MacDonald
Jeffrey Matt
Joe McKay
Kristin Lucas
Mark (from DMT)
Lorna Mills
Tom Moody
Stephen Morris
Marc Ngui
Tanya Read
Sandra Rechico
Celeste Scopelites
and many many thanks go the following organizations for making this happen:
Agnes Etherington Art Centre
Art Gallery of Sudbury
Creighton Mine
Digital Media Tree
Ontario Arts Council
Sudbury Neutrino Observatory
Subtle Technologies


  1. BrainTime™
  2. SNO Lab
  3. Neutrinos
  4. Force
  5. Beta Decay & CP Violation
  6. Cosmology
  7. Nuclear Bombs
  8. Abstract Art
  9. Brains
  10. Monads
  11. Emergent Patterns
  12. Making Shapes
  13. Epilogue
Fun Extras