Personal Art Coach

Sally McKay

What does the art coach do?

• gives honest, supportive, critical feedback on your art

• helps you set your personal goals

• helps organize your home art-making space or studio

• gives personalized assignments and instruction if desired

• gives research tips if desired

• gives professional advice on how to exhibit your work

• helps with writing grant applications and proposals

Who can benefit from this service?

• amateur artists who want new challenges

• professional artists looking for in-depth discussion of their work

• recent art school graduates developing an independent practice

• artists applying for grad school

• high school students applying for art school


I am a Hamilton-based artist and art writer with a wide-range of interests. With over 25 years of professional experience in art-making and exhibiting, curating and art-writing, I bring a thorough working knowledge of contemporary art in Canada. I also have six years of experience teaching studio art full-time at McMaster University and a PhD in Art History and Visual Culture from York University.

As an empathetic and active listener, I am committed to helping people reach their full potential through art. All sessions are based entirely on the clients' needs and interests.

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"I was having trouble with all my paperwork and the inventory of my artwork. I asked Sally for help and advice for organizing my office. We started working together and now I can see a big difference. She helps me with grant applications and exhibition proposals. She is also a good consultant for ideas and conversations about my work."

Jordi Alfaro


"I have always been interested in and attracted to colour, design and pattern, but I lacked confidence to actively pursue/explore these and other elements of art making. So instead I concentrated on studying art history at McMaster University, and that is where I first met Sally MacKay. Recently, personal circumstances have required me to explore options and adopt a more creative approach to everyday life. This brought me, serendipitously, back in contact with Sally."
"Wide-ranging and lively discussions with Sally about the art world, goal setting, materials and development of technical skills along with thoughtful and constructive feedback have helped me discover and validate new possibilities for self expression. Thank you Sally!"

Rita Bertoldi