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New animations

Here are some recent pages of animated gifs. New gifs are always in the works. Stay tuned. ​


The Desecration

Artwork by Scott Carruthers, writing by Sally McKay.

Everyone knows there is no life on the Extraction Planet. At the drill site, the Exxtraction Corporation's crews are working round the clock. The workers drill / eat / drink / sleep / drill... soon the extraction will be complete. They will collect their pay, climb into the transport ship and head back home. But then a worker is injured in a puzzling attack. Who threw those rocks? Was it a freak accident? A foolish prank? Or was it the just the first act of The Desecration…

Indie art-comic. Full story. Good for ages 12 and up.

$6 + shipping. Contact me if you would like to place an order.

Covid Episode 2

Covid Episode 2

A dreamy distopian zine about Covid. Full colour, 16 pages. Created in late spring of 2020. Price is $5 + shipping. Contact me if you'd like to order one.

Covid Episode One

Covid Episode 1

A dreamy distopian zine about Covid. Full colour, 16 pages. Created in early spring of 2020. Price is $5 + shipping. Contact me if you'd like to order one.

poop in the creek

Poop in the Creek

A dreamy distopian zine about the anthropocene. Full colour, 16 pages. Created in 2020. Price is $5 + shipping. Contact me if you'd like to order one.

Eating Things

Eating Things

A dreamy distopian zine about climate change. Full colour, 16 pages. Created in 2020. Price is $5 + shipping. Contact me if you'd like to order one.


The Surveyor

I'm really happy that SCREEN_ included my visual narrative, The Surveyor, in their email art program. Sasha Phyars-Burgess and Tal Barel also did projects this fall, and their works are great. We're all so different! Barel's work is really moving and the piece by Phayars-Burgess is pretty mind-bending.

Organised by Fotomuseum Winterthur, Switzerland. (2018)

Here is a link to the archive.


Little Big Thicket

Another collaboration with Von Bark, this piece is alternatively titled Thicket: The Peaceable Kingdom. Small dioramas displayed the consciousness of various life forms including a horse, a bird, a fox, a fish, a salamander, a flying saucer and our favourite extinct species: hallucigenia. 

The piece was installed in Toronto at the amazing Fly Gallery, run by Tanya Read and Scott Carruthers. (2011)


Newton in the Peaceable Kingdom

Newton in the Peaceable Kingdom was a multi-media installation developed for the exhibition ARCADE, co-organised by the Ontario Science Centre (OSC) and Patrick Macaulay of Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. Each artist was given a decommissioned display from the OSC to re-work into a project of their own design. Drawing from my background in digital animation, I created a series of animations for the phenakistoscope, a 19th century animation device. I incorporated the animations into a video which was projected onto an image of tree painted directly onto the wall. The piece commented on historical connections between science and magic, adopting William Blake's conflicted relationship to Newton. ARCADE was exhibited at Harbourfront Centre.(2008)

Phenakistoscope-inspired animations made for the piece can be seen here and here


Grizzly Ghost

This video spoofing the Herzog film Grizzly Man was created out of a residency in the Muskwa Kechika management area in northern BC. Grizzly Ghost was exhibited as part of the exhibition M-K in Dawson Creek Art Gallery, BC; North Peace Gallery, Fort St. John, BC; and Northern Lights College, Fort Nelson, BC. (2007) 

Click here for information about Muskwa Kechika expeditions. 


The Trouble with Oscillation

This was a major three-part project about the adventures of a tourist on a big science vacation. Taking the form of a website, a performance and a gallery installation, this multi-media presentation was the result of several years of research on quantum physics, including a tour of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory. The Trouble With Oscillation was presented as part of the exhibition Neutrinos They Are Very Small — with Gordon Hicks and Rebecca Diederichs, curated by Corinna Ghaznavi — which toured to the Art Gallery of Sudbury, Agnes Etherington Art Centre in Kingston, Ontario and Render Gallery, Waterloo, Ontario. There is a nice review of the exhibition here. (2005-2007)


Thicket 1: The Voyage

This  was a multi-media installation co-created with Von Bark. Viewers peered into a floor-to-ceiling glass vitrine, through the eyes of a rabbit spaceship, to discover a two-part science fiction narrative in diorama form. This playful exercise in the powers of narrative projection and anthropomorphism was curated by Patrick Macaulay for the York Quay Galleries at Harbourfront Centre. You can see a short video and more images of the piece here.


Miss Mouse

The Miss Mouse project was series of performances, a multiple and a video created around the character of a highly feminized creature who challenged gender roles and anthropomorphic notions of nature. Performances took place at the Wexner Center in Columbus, Ohio; Postmasters Gallery in New York; YYZ Artists' Outlet; and Forest City Gallery in London, ON. The video and multiple were included in the exhibition Girls and Guns curated by Paola Poletto and Emily Pohl-Weary, which toured to galleries in Canada, Hungary, Albania, and Serbia. (2000-2004)


Safety Animal

The Safety Animal project, was a series of onstreet performances in collaboration with Ben Smith Lea. Safety Animal handed out humorous flyers and engaged with the public by poking fun at safety campaigns that place the burden of responsibility on pedestrians. Performed in Toronto as part of the exhibition Offsite@Toronto curated by Kym Pruesse for Mercer Union and in Regina at the invitation of the Dunlop Gallery. (1998-2000).


A Living Dog is Better

This was a solo show of installations, photographs, multiples and flyers curated by Michelle Jacques for the Present Tense series at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto. (1998)


flyers, books, toys, and stickers

After graduating from NSCAD with my BFA in 1990, I started my art career outside of gallery systems, creating various forms of ephemera that were left in public spaces and distributed at zine fairs. Some works are still available through Art Metropole. 


current work in progress

Killdeer in Parking Lot M

Parking Lot M /Coldwater Creek

I have been spending a lot of time in Parking Lot M at McMaster University. This site is located on the traditional territories of the Mississauga and Haudenosaunee nations, and within the lands protected by the “Dish With One Spoon” wampum agreement. It is a site that speaks of colonialism on many registers. It is an ecologically significant area. Coldwater Creek flows through the site. It is beautiful and compromised. I have been spending time with creek as well, walking its course from the headwaters in Ancaster. There are many people invested in this area, including the killdeer who nest in the gravel section of the parking lot. Truly a project in progress, more to come...


The Haunted Scanner

Von Bark and I are building our own brain scanner. Audience members will be invited to physically slide into the machine for an intimate, audio-visual experience.

The Haunted Scanner is created in collaboration with Von Bark, with support from Rob Cruikshank, and research help from 

Abdullah Al-Gailani, Mary Duncan and Mikayla Salomons.

Many thanks to the Ontario Arts Council for their generous support. 


The Queen in Her Sphere
(working title)

A series of digital images outlining a science fiction narrative, inspired by research on perception, perspective and point of view.


math drawings

Lately I have been doing a lot abstract, geometric drawings. Some are drawn with Adobe Illustrator and some are drawn by hand using a protractor and a compass.  


animated gifs

I have been working with animated gifs as an art medium since 2003. Click here to see more.