Curating (and Organising)

I have done a number of projects as an independent curator, or sometimes as an organizer. I really love eclectic shows representing lots of different types of practice and ideas. I like to work collaboratively, and I like to challenge traditional categories of what gets to be considered "fine art." These are some of the key projects that I've worked on.


Hamilton Zineposium

Do you make zines, artists’ books, DIY multiples of any kind? Do you make bizarre indie-arts/crafts/prints/comics/graphic novels/electronic arts/3d prints/posters/stickers/t-shirts/buttons/ … Maybe your stuff is too out-there for the X-mas craft fairs, or maybe it is so low key and subtle you feel like people never notice it at all… the annual Hamilton Zineposium is the place to get your stuff out into the world. Visit our facebook page or website.

I'm thrilled to be a co-founder and co-organiser of the Hamilton Zineposium along with Donna AkreyLeah Klein, Carmela Laganse, Taien Ng-chan, and Brittany Sostar. The poster for the 2018 Zineposium was designed by the always awesome Sonali Menezes.


Encounter (Rebecca Diederichs and Sarah Peebles at Cambridge Sculpture Garden) (2014)

Encounter presented sculptures by Rebecca Diederichs and Sarah Peebles who each invited visitors to become actively involved with their art. Rather than creating monumental sculptures with high visual impact, both artists offered intimate works that were integrated within the environment at Cambridge Sculpture Gardens. Diederichs placed three delicate, small-scale sculptures at ground level throughout the garden, asking visitors to exercise their perceptual faculties as they seek out and discover these surprising works. Peebles combined art, science and audio art to create her Audio Bee Cabinet, Sonic Solitaries, a multi-sensory sculpture that also provided a home for local, pollinating insects.


Too Cool For School Art & Science Fair (Harbourfront Centre, 2010)

This was a two-part project commissioned by the Harbourfront Centre’s Fresh Ground new works program. The first part was the fair, a one-day event in May of 2010 at which forty participants came together to share their art and science projects with each other and the general public. Judges Sean Gryb (Perimeter Institute), Hooley McLaughlin (Ontario Science Centre) and Crystal Mowry (Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery) spent the day talking with participants and awarding prizes.


Too Cool for School Art & Science Exhibition (2010-2011)

For the second part of the Too Cool for School project, Harbourfront Centre's Patrick Macaulay and I co-curated a selection of participants from the fair — Libby Hague, Doug Jarvis, Gareth Lichty, Abigale Miller, Allison Rowe and Elissa Ross & Patrick Ingram — to develop their projects into large scale installations that questioned the boundaries of art and science. These works by artists, scientists and mathematicians were exhibited in the large gallery space at Harbourfront Centre.

photo: Tom Bilenky


Woodlot: 3rd Kitchener-Waterloo Art Gallery Biennial (2006)

Woodlot was a regional biennial exhibition that I curated for the Kitchener Waterloo Art Gallery featuring artists Ruth Abernethy, Kelly Borgers, Jefferson Campbell-Cooper, Susan Detwiler, Niall Donaghy, Andrika Dubeckyj, Annie Dunning, Fatima Garzan, Lauren Hall, Arnold Jacobs, Janet Morton, Marinko Pipunic, Red and Andrew Wright. My curatorial agenda was to put a widely diverse group of artists in conversation with one another around the accessible theme of wilderness. Neo-conceptual, multi-media sculptures and installations inhabited the same space with landscape oil paintings and photography. All the works resonated well together, challenging traditional art world genre boundaries. An online catalogue with a curatorial essay was created in downloadable PDF format.


Quantal Strife with Scott Carruthers, Crystal Mowry and Marc Ngui (2006 - 2008)

Quantal Strife was an exhibition I curated with artists Scott Carruthers, Crystal Mowry and Marc Ngui. The artists created open-ended installations, works in progress that changed for each iteration of the show. Quantal Strife originated with Ann MacDonald's invitation to guest- curate for the Doris McCarthy Gallery, Toronto (2006) and toured to McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton (2007) and Open Studio, Victoria, BC (2008). The artists and I created a collaborative book-work catalogue, A User's Guide to Quantal Strife, to accompany the show.